Washington State University

Residency Information

    Undergraduate and Professional Student Residency Graduate Student Residency

    Office of the Registrar 
    French Administration Building, Room 346
    PO Box 641035
    Washington State University
    Pullman, WA  99164-1035

    email:  residency@wsu.edu
    phone:  (509) 335-5346
    fax:   (509) 335-7823

    The Graduate School 
    French Administration Building, Room 324
    PO Box 641030
    Washington State University
    Pullman, WA  99164-1030
    email:  gradschool@wsu.edu
    phone:  (509) 335-6424
    fax:   (509) 335-1949



    You will find residency requirements, instructions on how to fill out the questionnaire, deadline dates, and a PDF of the Washington State University Residency Questionnaire within this website.

    Residency is determined at the time of formal admission to the university on the basis of information included in the university application for admission. Determination of residency is governed by the statutes and policies of the State of Washington. Students who do not establish residency will be assessed out of state tuition.

    Students seeking a change in residence classification must file a Residence Questionnaire and evidence of Washington domicile with the University. Residency is determined by several factors in addition to physical presence in the state of Washington and is based on documentary evidence submitted.


    CLICK HERE for Residency Information.


    If you have received communication regarding your previously submitted questionnaire and documentation and you need to submit additional information, you may do so here.  You will need to login with your WSU network ID (NID) and password in order to electronically transmit your documentation.

    Office of the Registrar, PO Box 641035, Washington State University, Pullman WA 99164-1035, 509-335-5346, residency@wsu.edu, gradschool@wsu.edu