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Washington Resident Tuition

If you are coded as Non-resident, you must apply for residency to change your status to Resident. If you are currently coded as a Resident, you will remain a resident as long as you are continuously enrolled. Your residency will be re-assessed when you apply for Graduate or Professional school.

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Resident Tuition Information

Getting started with residency

My tuition bill is due now. What do I do?

I have late fees! How do I petition to remove them?

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Future Residency

Future Residency:  Listing of actions to take today to be eligible for residency in 12 months (for Financially Independent Students)

Errors & Late Fees

Petition Late Fees with Bursar: Use when residency is not determined and tuition is due. Petition after your residencey is determined.

Border Bill

International Students

WA Residency for Tuition Purposes
Residency for Tuition