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Tuition is due Now. Residency is still pending.

If you have submitted a residency application, please allow several weeks for processing. The Undergraduate/Professional Student Residency Officer is out of the office from 7/25/23 - 8/20/23. Applications will be processed in the order received starting on 8/21/23. Please note that we accept residency applications through the 30th day of the term; it is expected that a number of applications will be processed after tuition bills were due.

Pay the Resident portion of your tuition bill now

The recommendation is to pay your bill as if you received residency while your application is pending. In other words, pay the housing and fees portions of your bill in full, but deduct the non-resident portion of your tuition charges while you're waiting. 

  • Undergraduate Students with an $11,000 WUE/Cougar Award: Subtract $2538 from your bill.
  • Undergraduate Students without a WUE/Cougar Award: Subtract $8038 from your bill.
  • Other students can calculate this amount using the WSU Estimated Cost of Attendance.

Petitioning the Late Fees

You will be assessed late fees for the non-resident tuition, but will be able to Petition the Bursar to remove them because you have a pending residency application. Note that the Bursar will expect you to pay your bill in full soon after your residency determination has been made.



Residency for Tuition