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Is it possible to establish residency while attending school?
I have lived in Washington for two years, but I didn't establish my ties within two to four weeks of arriving in the state. Can I still qualify for residency?
What is required in order to be considered financially independent?
I have Permanent Resident immigration status. Can I qualify for Washington State residency?
What types of visas are acceptable for establishing residency in Washington?
If I think I qualify as a Washington resident, how do I apply?
When should I submit my questionnaire and documentation?
What happens if a decision is not made by the time tuition is due?
I am a new student to WSU, a dependent of my parents, and am classified as a resident. My parent(s) must move from the state of Washington, will I remain a resident student paying in-state tuition?
I am graduating from an out-of-state high school, however, one of my parents is a state of Washington resident, can I gain residency?
Financially Independent Students
Financially Dependent on Parents
Military Personnel or Civil Service