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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

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COVID-19 Questions

HOW do I apply?

WHERE do I apply?

WHEN do I apply for residency?

Tuition is due! What do I do while I wait for my residency determination?

My parents are moving out of Washington! Am I a resident?

How do I get resident tuition? I have lived in Washington for a year.

What are Summer school deadlines?

Can I apply early? I'm ready now!

Financially Dependent Students

One parent lives in Washington, but the other parent claims me on their taxes. Am I a resident?

My parents are moving! Or moved before I graduated high school.

Can I gain residency if I am claimed on someone's taxes and my parent's do not live in Washington?

Financially Independent Students

What is Financially Independent?

No Washington ID or license

I don't have enough money to get my state documents.

Establish residency while attending school

Financially Independent Students

What is a domicile?

International & Undocumented Students

I have Permanent Resident immigration status. Can I qualify for Washington State residency?

What types of visas can NOT be used to establish residency in Washington?

I am undocumented, but have lived in Washington many years. Can I get resident tuition?

My status is DACA, but it has expired. Am I eligible for residency?

Residency for Tuition