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Washington Resident Tuition

Washington residency for tuition purposes is initially determined by Admissions based your application for admission to WSU. If you are coded as a non-resident, you must apply for Residency to change your status to resident. Information about residence halls and WSU Housing & Residence Life.

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When Can I Apply for Residency?

The short answer: 60 days before the start of the semester that you desire residency.

Fall 2022 Spring 2023
Application available: NOW
Application processing begins: 6/1/22
Deadline to apply: 9/20/22
Application available: 11/1/22
Application processing begins: 11/9/22
Deadline to apply: 2/7/23
See the WSU Academic calendar if these dates are not updated.

Applications are accepted through the 30th day of classes. Submitted documents must be valid through the first day of the semester. Applications must be received by the deadline date; we do not process late applications. The online application will not be available at other times.

Waiting for your determination?

Pay the Resident portion of your tuition bill while you wait for your residency determination. You can petition any late fees if you have a pending residency application. Use the WSU Estimated Cost of Attendance to calculate what amount that would be. All residency applications have been processed and are waiting for student action to proceed.

Are You Eligible?

The Residency Quizzes can show if you're possibly eligible for residency for tuition purposes and what type of application to use. The quizzes are NOT the application; they are tools to help you determine your eligibility. We recommend them as a first step in the residency process.

Independent Students

State law requires a waiting period of 12 months after taking your last action to establish a domicile.

  • Step one, physically move to Washington state.
  • Step two, take steps to establish a domicile. This must include obtaining Washington state documents, such as a driver's license or state identification card. Your documents needed to be issued no later than 2/9/21 to be eligible for Spring 2022. Visit the Future Residency page for more information on establishing a domicile.

Future Residency

See our Future Residency page for actions that you should take before 9/23/21 to establish residency for Fall 2022. 

How Do I Apply?

We recommend that you first take a Residency Quiz to determine if you are eligible and what type of residency to apply for. Then read the page with the information that applies. All students should review the Residency Affidavit, as this is the easiest way to apply for residency.

Online Application

WSU offers online applications for all types of applications.

Paper or emailed applications are accepted for Graduate students only.


Petition Late Fees

If you have a pending Residency Application, you can Petition the Bursar's Office to remove any Late Fees. Petition your late fees.

VetMed Applicants


Are You Eligible?

Take a Residency Quiz and find out!

Check Your Residency Status in myWSU

Your residency status is now visible at myWSU > Financial Aid tile > Awards > Summary > Residency Status

Students with certain waivers will be coded as Non-Resident. More information about your residency coding.

The Application Process

  • Applications are reviewed in the order received.
  • Review will take 3-6 weeks. August and September are especially busy.
  • Notification will be emailed to your email address.
  • You are responsible for paying the resident portion of your fees while awaiting a determination of your residency status. You will be able to Petition the Bursar for removal of any late fees.
  • You may appeal a denial by submitting a letter requesting an appeal.


Residency applications are processed by several units at WSU. This is a list of which unit will process each type of application. Contact Information.

Office of the Registrar, Pullman

  • Undergraduate Students
  • Professional Students
  • Residency Affidavits
  • American Indian residency
  • Military residency - Global, Pullman, Spokane, and Everett students

Graduate School, Pullman

  • Graduate Students

Office of the Registrar, Vancouver or Tri-Cities

  • Border Bill
  • Military Residency, Vancouver or Tri-Cities students


WA Residency for Tuition Purposes
Residency for Tuition