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Tax Documents: Tax Return Transcript

Download your previous years IRS Federal Tax Transcript.

  • IRS Federal Tax Return Transcript shows Dependents and is the only acceptable transcript. Tax records are needed for the previous calendar year. Do not send tax records for other years.

Parent's tax documents

Tax documentation for parents is used solely to determine whether the student was claimed on the previous years federal income taxes. It is required for both dependent and independent applicants. Financial information is not needed on the parent's tax documentation. The residency office cannot access documents submitted for financial aid purposes.

  • We need the first page (lists dependents) and the signature page or a tax return transcript.
  • Black out identifying numbers, except the last 4 digits of the student's social security number.

Student tax documents

Tax documentation is required for financially independent students who were not 25 years of age during the entire previous school year. Student taxes are not required for dependent applicants.

  • We need the first two pages that show income and signature or a tax return transcript.
  • Black out identifying numbers, except the last 4 digits of your social security number.

Washington state documents

Washington updates their websites regularly. If these links are no longer valid, please let us know.

Voter Registration

VoteWA Voter Registration and information

VoteWA Voter Registration example

Department of Licensing

Washington Department of Licensing

Financial Information

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Best Practices

  • Take the Residency Quiz to assess your eligibility before you start.
  • Are you eligible for the Residency Affidavit? This is the easiest way to obtain residency, if you are eligible.
  • Read the page with information about the type of residency that you may qualify for.
  • Download the checklist to help you assemble documents before starting the online application. Dependent Checklist. Independent Checklist.
  • We do not need most identifying numbers listed on the documents submitted. One exception: Please leave the last 4 digits of the student's Social Security Number, if it's shown, on the parent's Federal Income Tax Transcript. You should block out all other identifying numbers.
  • Do not provide extra documentation, unless it is requested.
  • Housing: Just include the first page that shows the address & lease term plus the page with signatures. Housing documents needed show the date of the lease and signatures, usually the first and last page of a lease. Do not submit the other pages.
  • The Washington Vehicle Registration can be used to determine residency. The vehicle's Title of Ownership can not be used for this purpose.
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