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Financially Independent Students

If a parent does not live in Washington state, and the student is not eligible using one of the easier options listed below, the student must be financially independent to establish a domicile in Washington and pay resident tuition. Steps to take now to establish residency in the future.

Easier options, if you're eligible

Eligibility Requirements

  • Establish a domicile, AND
  • Wait 12 months, AND
  • Overcome presumption, AND
  • Meet the financially independent requirements.

Domicile requirement

The 12 month waiting period & last date of action

Overcoming presumption

Financial independence requirement

Supporting Documents: Domicile

Required documents checklist - GET THIS!

WA Identification - REQUIRED

Citizenship status documentation

Housing documentation

WA Vehicle registration

WA Voter registration

Supporting Documents: Financial Independence

Financial independence documents

Federal taxes - Parent information

Federal taxes - Student information


Links & Resources

Online Application

Use the checklist to assemble your required documents.

Go to the Online Application page

Students 25 years of age or older

If you were at least 25 years of age for the entire academic year prior to submitting the residency questionnaire, you do not need to prove financial independence unless there is evidence that you did not pay at least 51% of the estimated Cost of Attendance as described for students under 25 years of age or that someone else did pay 49% or more of the estimated cost of attendance.

You must meet all other residency criteria and must obtain all Washington state documents 11 months prior to the first day of term you are seeking residency.

Financially Independent Students
Residency for Tuition