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Financially Dependent Students: Traditional Application

The residency of a financially dependent student is based on the domicile of the student's parent, step-parent, or legal guardian. Students are considered financially dependent when they are claimed on someone else's federal income taxes and/or they receive more than half of their support from another person. It is possible for a student to be considered a resident in multiple states when parents do not live in the same state. Dependent student scenarios & examples. More information about supporting documents.

The student or parent will need to apply for residency using the traditional application.

Domicile & the 12 month waiting period

Required documents checklist - GET THIS!

The online application

Current students wishing to move out of state

Parents moved out of WA during high school

Dependent Student Scenarios

In the scenarios below, the term "parent" is used to describe a parent (adopted or birth), step-parent, or legal guardian. A family member may not be considered a "parent" unless there is a legal document describing the individual as the legal guardian. WA = Washington.

The student does not live in WA but a parent is a WA resident

One parent lives in WA, the other parent lives in another state

The parent living in WA does not claim the student on federal taxes

One parent moves to WA to accept a job, the family stays behind to finish the school year

All parents live in another state; the student lives with a relative in WA

Parents had a domicile in WA then moved out of the U.S.

Supporting Documents

Documents that prove your residency claim are required as part of your residency application. The Residency Checklist is helpful for assembling these documents. Do not send original documents; documents will not be returned to you and will be kept for our files.

Federal taxes - Dependent information

Citizenship status documentation

Housing documentation

WA Identification

WA Vehicle registration

WA Voter registration

Military-Affiliated Students

Military Residency is the easiest way to obtain resident tuition. Once granted, the student will receive resident tuition until they need to re-apply at WSU, perhaps for an advanced degree. Military residency does not grant full Washington residency status; the student will continue to be coded as a Non-Resident in myWSU. There will be periods of time when the Cost of Attendance has not yet updated to the resident tuition amount, and this can occasionally be disconcerting.

If the military member has maintained Washington as their state of residence, including driver's license, that status can be used to apply for full Washington residency. Dependent students may choose to apply for BOTH Military residency and full residency using the Traditional application. The recommendation is to apply for Military Residency first, as that form is available sooner and is very easy to complete, then apply for traditional residency when that form opens 60 days before the start of the term. Full resident status will update residency in myWSU to Resident and may make some Washington financial aid available.

Online Application

Use the checklist to assemble your required documents.

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Financially Dependent Students
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