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Gaining residency as a financially dependent student

Please read information and instructions entirely.

Residency questionnaire is found at the bottom of page.

If one or both of your parent(s) or legal guardian(s) are domiciled in the state of Washington 12 months prior to the term you are seeking residency, and you are supported by them, it may be possible to gain residency as a dependent student. If parents are separated or divorced, you can be claimed as a dependent on federal taxes by either parent, as long as one parent can prove domicile in the state of Washington as mentioned below.


  • Student fills out page 1 and parent(s)/legal guardian(s) fills out page 2 of the questionnaire completely. Both student and parent must sign and date page 2.
  • Submit all documentation required (checklist below). Failure to submit appropriate documentation will significantly delay any decisions regarding your residency or may result in denial of residency.
  • To expedite the review of your residency questionnaire and reduce the amount of copying required, please provide only what is required (checklist below)/excessive and unnecessary documentation will delay review.

Required Items Checklist (Read Thoroughly)

Submit this completed checklist with your questionnaire.

  1. Housing documentation showing parent(s)/legal guardian(s) physical presence within the state of Washington for the entire 12 month period prior to the term you are seeking residency and documentation that you are continuing to reside in the state of Washington. Acceptable documents include:
    • A copy of the first and signature page of your lease or rental agreement, or
    • Copies of rent receipts or tenant ledger from landlord, or
    • Copies of canceled rent checks from your bank, or
    • A notarized letter from your landlord (or person you lived with) along with a copy of an official piece of U.S. Mail you received at that residence, or
    • A home purchase agreement showing the physical address of the home and date of closing
  2. State of Washington voter’s registration for the parent(s)/legal guardian(s). Submit this only if your parents are currently registered to vote. Acceptable documents include:
  3. State of Washington vehicle registration for the parent(s)/legal guardian(s). Please Note: if you use (but do not own) a vehicle in the state of Washington, it must be registered in the state.
  4. State of Washington driver’s license or State of Washington identification card (if you do not drive) for parent(s)/legal guardian(s).
  5. A federal IRS tax transcript of your parent(s)/legal guardian(s) that claimed you as a dependent for the most recent tax year.
  6. If your parent or court-appointed guardian is not a U.S. citizen, but she/he holds permanent or temporary resident status, or “Refugee-Parolee,” “Conditional Entrant” status, or is permanently residing in the United States under color of law, attach a copy of both sides of his/her Resident Alien Card, Temporary Resident Card or other verification of his/her status with USCIS.
  7. Both student and parent sign and date Section 3 on page two of the questionnaire.

Required Items Checklist

(print, initial each item, submit on top of questionnaire)

State of Washington Residency Questionnaire

(this is a writable PDF, however you must print & sign)